Joe Douglas shouldn’t be driven by PR when making player moves Dan Leberfeld

Very soon, the Jets new GM Joe Douglas will be entering his first full free-agent period running his new team.

And one thing he should NOT do is try to make a big splash to impress people or grab back page headlines.

He got a six-year contract to turn the Jets around, so he should stay away from quick fixes. He needs to do this right.

In recent years, under former regimes, the Jets have signed some big-ticket free agents, and the organization doesn’t have a lot to show for it.

Yes, Douglas should sign some free agents, but he should do nothing with PR or marketing in mind. It all needs to be about pure football and building a championship caliber team with a pragmatic plan and vision.

He needs to do this right, and the best way to do that is to draft, develop and re-sign his own draft picks, with some free agents plugged in here and there.

But no quick fixes; no moves made with headlines in mind.

That usually doesn’t work.


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