What is Joe supposed to say? Dan Leberfeld

Jets Douglas will address the media this afternoon. When talking Jets football, this one question is the $64,000 question, but don’t expect the Jets GM to be able to answer this.

Talking about the future of Jets coach Adam Gase. There is speculation he might be on the hot seat. The Jets have been blown out in most games this year, being outscored by 142 points through eight games.

So Douglas will be asked about Gase’s future today.

But don’t expect any concrete answers from him on this topic.


He’s not Gase’s boss. In the Jets’ current power structure they are equals. Douglas picks the players, Gase coaches the team, and they both equally report to the team owner.

So Douglas is in no position to evaluate the job Gase is doing coaching the team, or whether he should coach the team in the future.

In fact, Douglas can’t even say “boo” about game plans, in-game adjustments or how players are used on game day. None of that is in his wheelhouse according to the Jets’ chain of command.

So when Douglas addresses the media today, reporters might be wasting their time asking him about the job Gase is doing, or if he should be the team’s coach in the future.

Not his job.


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