John Schneider on friend John Idzik Dan Leberfeld

Q)Were you surprised John Idzik didn’t get a third year from the Jets?

Schneider: Yeah, I felt bad for him. It’s just my personal opinion that you should be able to hire a head coach. If you’re going into a situation like that, you try to make it work with the coach that is there. If it doesn’t work, you can hire your own coach and see where it goes. I don’t know the specifics of what happened there. Just from afar, he’s a good friend of mine, so I feel for him.

Q)Have you given John advise since he was fired?

Schneider: I’ve been in that situation before. I was let go in Washington in a year. You always kind of just joke about that situation. You know going in that it’s tough, New York City. We talked about staying positive and what his next steps are going to be. We’re just good friends, so we try to lean on each other in that regard.