Johnson talks about furloughs Dan Leberfeld

Jenny Vrentas of the Newark Star-Ledger caught up with Jets owner Woody Johnson, and asked him, among other things, about the team’s decision to make employees take paycuts and/or furloughs if there is lockout.

“It’s tough to do it because nobody likes to take anything away from the people in the building that made it all happen for us,” Johnson said. “It’s of no disrespect to those people, the coaches and the people on the business side. But it’s a reflection of the reality, if we don’t have a season, this is going to have to occur.

“We did what we thought we had to do. To be responsible, we had to let our employees know about this furlough program, and give them time to prepare, if they couldn’t do it, for something else rather than just laying off. Letting the employee know, letting the person know what you are doing is always better.

“I think they’re respectful. I think we fully explained why we had to do this in a way we felt was believable to them.”