Kellen Winslow and Geno Smith working on geometry Dan Leberfeld

Q)What is your chemistry like with Geno Smith?

Kellen Winslow: It’s good. We’re just continuing to work. It just takes time, you know. Him knowing me, me knowing him, within the framework of the offense. So, it just takes a little time.

Q)What is your in-game communication like with Smith?

Winslow: It’s just all geometry. It’s all angles and where you’re supposed to be in certain coverages. So, just being in the right spot for him and making the play for him. Knowing that he can trust me and I can trust him.

Q)How you feel about being a trustworthy option in this offense?

Winslow: I mean I do, but it’s expected from me. That’s why I work so hard because the moment’s coming. The moment’s coming and you have to be ready for the moment. That’s what I prepare for and I need them to trust me.

Q)Do you play with a chip on your shoulder?

Winslow: I would say so. I mean, I think I need to be like that. Knowing myself, I have to be that way. It motivates me when guys think they’re better than me. It’s fun. It’s just all competition and I like that.

Q)Are there still big things out there for you to accomplish personally?

Winslow: Of course. It’s expected from me. I just expect that from myself. When its clutch time and it’s time to make a play, that’s what I live for man. That’s what it’s all about. I don’t want to let these guys down and vice versa. That’s what it’s all about.