Kiper – “I’d never draft a RB in 1st Round.” Craig Thomas

Last year, the Washington Redskins picked Florida Atlantic’s Alfred Morris in the sixth round, and he was one of the best running backs in football as a rookie.

Year-in, year-out, you can find good quality at running back in all rounds of the draft.

“In terms of running backs, I’d say every year — I’ve been saying it for 35 years — you can find running backs
at any point in the draft,” said ESPN’s Mel Kiper. “I would never draft a running back in the first
round. And when you see what Bernard Pierce (Baltimore) did, you see what Robert Turbin (Seattle) did, you see what (Vick) Ballard did at Indianapolis, obviously what Alfred Morris did with the Redskins, it’s another statement as to why that philosophy has worked over the years.

“It’s the one position as well where you can be as good as a rookie as you’ll ever be at any point down the road in your career, even if you come out as a junior.

“As far as late round running backs that could be in that mix, all these backs could drop. I want to see where Christine Michael from Texas A&M ends up. I want to see where Marcus Lattimore ends up in South Carolina considering his injury path with the two knee injuries. Miguel Maysonet from Stony Brook, does he get into that sixth round mix? You go back to the Syracuse and Army game, he looked like a second or third round pick.

“Kerwynn Williams from Utah State, Montel Harris formerly of BC, then of Temple. Mike James from Miami of Florida. Cierre Wood from Notre Dame. George Winn from Cincinnati I think is very underrated.

“I think there’s a ton of backs that you could say could fall into that category of being that sixth round steal. There’s a lot of them.”