Kris Jenkins is barking up wrong tree Dan Leberfeld

Kris Jenkins had this to say about Mark Sanchez on Showtime – “(Mark Sanchez) had a stellar offensive line. He had running backs that kept the pressure off of him. He had the opportunity to grow and develop. What Sanchez has to take responsibility for is during the time that he could have gotten better he wanted to sit back. He wanted to pose for magazines, worry about his haircuts and do all of that stuff.

“I’m just saying, from what I saw him do, it was a lot better then what it is now. But he coasted. They coddled him. That was what was going on. This is a man’s profession. You have to man up at some point in time and take care.”

This “coddling” angle is getting old.

Maybe earlier in his career he was coddled, but his issues this year have little to do with coddling.

Sanchez struggles with reading defenses, pocket presence and accuracy.

What the heck does that have to do with coddling?