Kudos to Mike Maccagnan Dan Leberfeld

Jets GM Mike Maccagnan is a true believer in sticking to his draft value board, and not reaching for need.

It’s the best way to handle the draft. It’s time-tested.

So when the Jets picked a defensive lineman with the sixth pick of the 2015 draft, it clearly wasn’t a need for his team, but it represented great value.

And in the NFL, with so many other injuries, and occasional suspensions, often when you pick a player who doesn’t seem like a need, you end up needing him.

As you all know by now, Jets DE Sheldon Richardson was suspended for the first four games of the 2015 NFL season.

So Maccagnan sticking to his board, not trading out of the spot, and picking USC DE Leonard Williams with the sixth pick of the draft, is looking pretty smart today.

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