Lazy Lupica analyzes Jets camp from afar Dan Leberfeld

Sports/political columnist Mike Lupica, who has not been to one practice in Cortland, wrote about the scene at Jets training camp for today’s Daily News.

“We know by now, the way we know our screen names, that Rex Ryan’s Jets are good enough to make news, good enough to make headlines, and made more news and another headline Monday when a couple of their guys got into it at practice and started a hockey fight that nearly rolled into their fans in Cortland . . .

“For now, they just win gold medals for silliness, and self-promotion and, at least occasionally, self-importance, like when the coach, bless his heart, says that he is the greatest defensive mind in the game,” wrote Lupica in today’s Daily News. “And Holmes always has a lot to say, so does Cromartie. Now comes Monday’s fight, which would be treated anywhere else as routine training camp stuff. Only these are the Jets, this is Rexapalooza, and nothing ever seems routine. It’s why people start to get the idea that they’re more of a circus than a Super Bowl contender. At least this weekend they start playing games.”

How do you write an entire column about a training camp you never showed up at?

Why would Daily News publisher Mortimer Zuckerman put up with this kind of laziness?