Leon and Darrelle is a bad analogy Dan Leberfeld

In his exclusive one-on-one interview with Ian O’Connor of ESPN New York, disgruntled star cornerback Darrelle Revis said, “Look at the Leon situation. They were working on his contract, and he broke his leg and missed the season, and now he has no stability, no comfort zone, no anything.”

I don’t think that is a good comparison. Say the Jets offer Revis $13.5 million a year and he turns it down, how does that make him Leon Washington?

If he enters the season on his current contract, after turning down a deal in the $13-14 million range, that’s on him. That isn’t Leon Washington Part II.

I have nothing against Revis. He’s a fantastic player. He will likely be in Canton one day. It would be great if he could get $17 million per year. If any cornerback is worth that it’s him.

But with no CBA, a potential lockout next year and an awful economy, the landscape just isn’t there for that kind of deal in 2010.

I’m just dealing with reality.

It’s nothing personal against Revis. The guy is an unbelievable football player.