Lucas is wrong Dan Leberfeld

SNY’s Jets Insider Ray Lucas made a statement about Mark Brunell that wasn’t particularly salient.
“I don’t see Brunell helping (as a backup),” Lucas said. “You know what he sounded like? He sounded like a coach. The Jets should hire him as a consultant. He doesn’t need to be a backup quarterback.”
This is way off base.
First off all, Brunell looks like he can still play at a decent level, so that is a big reason he is on the team as the #2.
Secondly, he’s not coaching Mark Sanchez, but he’s a heck of a teammate/sounding board for the second-year quarterback.
Sanchez has two excellent coaches in Brian Schottenheimer and Matt Cavanaugh.
The problem for Lucas (and Greg Buttle) is neither one was in Cortland for the first two weeks of camp. Neither saw one practice.
In their defense, they have other jobs.
But nonetheless, it’s really hard to get a feel for what Brunell brings to the table for the Jets right now when you didn’t see one two-a-day practice.