Lupica rips Jets, but they should be praised Dan Leberfeld

Daily News political columnist Mike Lupica thinks the Jets’ attempt to protect their schemematic plans for the season is foolish.

Lupica headline – “NY Jets getting ridiculous in attempt to keep Tim Tebow Wildcat offense secret.”

Lupica sub-head – “Here’s a memo for our Jets, who continue to set records for ridiculous self-importance: If you don’t want the media to write what they see at your practices, take the fine and send the reporters home.”

Lupica, who has not attended one training camp practice, is dead wrong on this issue.

The Jets are running many different variations of the wildcat, and they were working on those yesterday. This isn’t just one play, there are a number of wildcat formations, with myriad variations.

They don’t want the media reporting any of this.

Why should they receive one iota of criticism for this?

Their approach is smart. To criticize them for trying to keep the nuances of their strategy secret is beyond stupid.

But I will give the Daily News credit for one thing.

No matter how poorly they treat the Jets, they continue to be treated royally by the organization, so why stop trashing them? There is no incentive to stop, so they aren’t.