Maccagnan Part Deux Dan Leberfeld

As we continue to get to know Jets GM Mike Maccagnan, here are some more of his thoughts on a number of different topics. Here is Part Two . . .

Q)What was your take on Fitzpatrick after working with him in Houston?

Maccagnan: With Ryan, I was only with him for one year down in Houston, but I was really impressed with his work ethic, his approach, his personality. [His] leadership was a positive down there. I thought he played well for us prior to getting injured.

He does have history with Chan (Gailey), so that was definitely a positive in terms of Chan knowing the player. From that standpoint, there’s a degree of being familiar with a player, the quality of person he is.

Q)What led to the Brandon Marshall trade?

Maccagnan: When it came to our attention that Chicago was potentially going to move or trade Brandon, then we acted very quickly. We kind of weighed the options of looking at free agency and looking at trade options in terms of not only the caliber of player we could bring in but the cost to do that. It happened kind of quickly in terms of when we first became aware of when he was going to be available to when we actually executed the trade.

Todd having history with a player, too, in Miami and also (wide receiver coach) Karl Dorrell had coached him, which helped also.

Q)How concerned were you with Marshall’s past issues?

Maccagan: Well, I think with Brandon, again, we have people who personally have history with him. We researched him thoroughly. But we’re very excited about adding Brandon to our organization both as a player and as a person.

Q)Where do things stand with Mo Wilkerson and a contract extension?

Maccagnan: Muhammad’s obviously a very good player and we definitely want to keep him in the organization. I don’t want to put a time frame on it, but it is something we will address here at some point in time in the future. And it is going to be a process, I understand that, in terms of working with any player to try to find a place where you have to have an agreement in terms of value.

Q)Does acquiring Fitzpatrick preclude you from drafting Mariota?

Maccagnan: The draft, to me, you tend to want to take the best player available in theory. That’s the approach you want to take. We’re (not) going to lock into a certain player or a certain position.

Q)With all the corners you added in free agency, what is your plan for Dee Milliner?

Maccagan: We’re very excited about Dee coming off of his injury and making that position exceptionally deep and talented and helping our team win. I’m just focused on getting Dee back on the field and making that position extremely competitive and very talented.
You can never have enough good corners. I’m very excited about not only the players we’ve acquired but Dee, and actually Dexter McDougle also, coming back from their injuries to really make that position an exceptionally strong position on our team.

April 10, 2015

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