Manish does it again, hat tip to him Dan Leberfeld

Whether you like him or not, Manish Mehta broke the story that Rex Ryan left town.

“The Daily News reported on Wednesday that Ryan flew out of town from Newark Airport in the morning to take a mini-vacation,” Mehta wrote.

He deserves credit for this impressive scoop.

People think I’m a hypocrite for praising him, because I’ve been critical of the myriad leaks in Florham Park.

Do the Jets need to something about the leaks? Of course they do.

But until they do, why shouldn’t Mehta, with his great sources (leakers) in the building, take advantage of it?

If the Jets have a lack of institutional control right now, that is their problem, not Mehta’s.

Yes, the leak situation is a major black mark on the Jets’ brass, but clearly until a new GM comes in, it’s not going to stop.

That is why I’ve said repeatedly, they need to hire a strong leader, not a wallflower, who just wants to stack the draft board.