Mark C – Show Revis the money! Dan Leberfeld

Mark Cannizzaro of the New York Post feels the Jets should pay Darrelle Revis whatever he wants.
“With the first Jets training camp practice looming a week from today in
Cortland, the harsh reality facing Darrelle Revis, the team and its expectant
fan base is that there might be no one taking care of Revis Island this year
unless he gets a new contract,” wrote Cannizzaro. “Get it done. Show Revis the money.
It’s in the Jets’ best interest to keep Revis Island occupied or it will be
invaded by the likes of Randy Moss, Brandon Marshall, Andre Johnson and Chad
Ochocinco. That could mean another season of great promise sabotaged.”
Neil Schwartz, Revis’ agent, must have been thrilled with this column