Mark Sanchez in great shape Dan Leberfeld

The word around Jets’ camp is that Mark Sanchez is in great shape. What was his plan this off-season?

“I did more lower body lifting stuff, a little heavier, a little more frequently,” Sanchez said. “The intensity of it was really tough. I needed to put on a little weight, lower body and upper body strength, along with working with great mechanics with Coach (Matt) Cavanaugh. That kind of stuff helps you throw the ball better, not only during camp, early in the season when you’re getting a lot of reps, but as the year progresses. Just keep a couple of those exercises and workout routines, carry them with you the whole year and hopefully that will push you through the entire season.

“Each season is long. By the end of the season, nobody is healthy anyway, so it felt normal in that regard, but we really try to take a little bit of a different approach, a proactive approach by (starting early) and gaining a little bit of weight so if you lose some, you’re in the right spot come January.”