Mark Sanchez speaks Craig Thomas

Q)Did you want to get Plax involved early?

Sanchez: He’s been waiting for this for a long time, so I didn’t have to say anything or do anything really, just give him a ball he could catch and he was rolling after the first play.

Q)What is it like to have a receiver like Burress?

Sanchez: It’s different. I’ve never had a target like him, and Santonio’s such a good complement, Dustin’s such a good complement. Then we get Derrick Mason healthy, and we’re rolling. You saw him (Burress) on the back shoulder throw against Leon Hall, and that’s a good corner, and Plax just made a big-time play. It is a luxury as a quarterback.

Q)What can you tell us about the fade for a touchdown?

Sanchez: It was a heck of an adjustment for him. I threw that ball pretty high, and for him to come down with it, to have the body control to know where he was at, right in the front corner of the end zone, that’s a big-time veteran catch, so that’s nice.
With a big body like that it’s tough to cover him even when he is covered. So you can count on him making plays.

Q)What will Derrick Mason bring to the table once he’s healthy?

Sanchez: He’ll be, just like Jerricho (Cotchery) was. He’ll be the glue for those two guys. He’s your bailout in the slot. He’s probably the smartest player we’ve got, and it’ll be a great complement for those two on the outside.

Q)With all these weapons, how good can the Jets offense be?

Sanchez: I think sky’s the limit for this group. I know they’ll go as I’ll go, and it’s a matter of me getting completions and being efficient. Then every once in a while, when they need to make a play, either a one-handed grab or a grab in double coverage, that’s what they’ll do. They have that kind of confidence, they have that big-game experience to know how to do that.
But it doesn’t matter who we have at wideout, the quarterback’s got to be good, so that’s my goal.