Marty Mornhinweg on what needs to change Dan Leberfeld

Jets coordinator Marty Mornhinweg gave a “State of the Offense” address today in his press conference. Here is some of that . . .

“There are three things now we need to change, period.

“And that’s the turnover situation. The turnover ratio that’s the biggest statistic correlater to winning and losing, period. You look at the turnover ratio now in the league, those guys that are at the top, 4-0 and 3-1, you look at the guys at the bottom, a lot of 0-4s and I believe there are two teams that are 2-2. And those two teams have overcome just an awful lot to be 2-2 with that type of turnover ratio.

“The second thing is the penalties and ultimately all of that is my responsibility. Done. And I take my responsibility seriously and those are my responsibilities. Now look, that doesn’t correlate to winning quite as much as it used to, many years ago, because of the passing game because you can overcome things. But these penalties are just at crucial times, so that’s got to change. That part’s got to change.

“And then the sack situation must change. So, those three things, we had a little put it on the table meeting when the players got back in. And these thing have to change for us to be any good at all and to get to where we want to be and to be a good offensive football team.”