Mason on his decision Dan Leberfeld

What went into Derrick Mason’s decision to sign with the Jets?

“Why not join a team that has been to the AFC Champtionship Game two years in a row,” Mason said. “Number one on my list was to win and win quickly. This was the best fit for me. The only thing I want to do is win a championship.”

But Baltimore is still a really good team.

“I believe both teams are very good, but this is the place I needed to be,” Mason said. “I don’t hold a grudge against Baltimore.”

His recent release by the Ravens surprised him.

“I was blindsided,” Mason said. “It is the business of football. It happens to everyone. You are going to get released.”

Mason gave the Tennessee Titans a long look because he lives in Nashville.

“My daughter and son are still upset,” Mason said. “It was hard for them to see me walk out the door.”