Steve McLendon on Jets: ‘We are a better team’ Dan Leberfeld

Jets defensive tackle Steve McLendon is working out hard at the new gym he opened up in Georgia. Last week, he broke away from his new business, and his own workouts, to talk to some reporters on a conference call. Here are the first few minutes of that press briefing with the questions. We will have more tomorrow.

Mark Cannizzaro – New York Post: I hope you are doing well. What have been doing? What is this virtual off-season been like for you? Have you have maneuvering it? How’s it been going?

Steve McLendon: As you know, I opened up a gym, so even though we’ve had to close down (for a while), I’ve been able to come in every day and still get my work in, because that’s who I am. I love to train. I love to work.

But these (virtual) meetings are different for me. These meetings are very, very different for me because I’m not used to being on my phone as much in a classroom setting. But we have to do what we have to do right now. We understand it’s a crazy time, but understand we have to keep business going and make the necessary corrections from last year to get better this year.

We will be a better team. We are a better team. And the only way we can become that better team is hard work and the same dedication. Continue our training. Continue to learn more about the game.

Cannizzaro: Are you at the gym right now?

McLendon: Yes. I’m in here right now.

Cannizzaro: Is this a commercial gym or is it just your gym?

McLendon: It’s a commercial gym. It’s my business. Team MVP.

Cannizzaro: Cool. So obviously you can’t be open now to the public of course.

McLendon: Yes, in Georgia we can.

Cannizzaro: Oh you are open now. You can do everything in Georgia, right?

McLendon: Right.

Cannizzaro: Pretty much anything goes in Georgia right now.

McLendon: Right now we have a kid’s class going on. They are playing tug-a-war.


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