Media continues to push bogus Sanchez is lazy angle Craig Thomas

On ESPN, Darrelle Revis was asked about the unnamed Jets’ player, in the Daily News, who said Mark Sanchez is “lazy.”

“I know Mark personally,” said Revis. “and he’s there, we’re there sometimes at 7 p.m. — two hours after work — in the cold tubs and the hot tubs and he’s going over his playbooks, so I know Mark works hard. That’s no question about it.”

The quote was totally taken out of context, but people in the media continue to run with it in the wrong way.

The unnamed player was trying to say Sanchez needs competition, needs to be competitively pushed. The quote wasn’t about his work ethic.

Sanchez is one of the hardest workers on the Jets

This repeatedly misinterpreted quote has unfairly tarnished the quarterback’s image.