Mel Kiper on Ryan Nassib Dan Leberfeld

How interested are the Jets in Syracuse QB Ryan Nassib? It’s hard to tell, but he seems to be a good fit for their new offense.

What does ESPN’s Mel Kiper think of him?

“You talk about his skill set; he’s 6’2″, up around 230 pounds, he can hang in there, he can take a hit,” Kiper said. “His accuracy, I’d like to see it be more precise with some throws and allow his receivers to do more after the catch, a little erratic with that at times and inconsistent with that.

“If you protect him he can do some things throwing the football. He’s got a nice arm. I like the way the ball comes out of his hand.

“Is he being a little overdrafted if he goes in the early second? Probably. Normally I would think — you’d look at Nassib more as a third round pick. I think he’ll get pushed up because of the way this draft is. But certainly he’s got a chance.

“He’s going to get an opportunity to be a starting quarterback. Whether he’s going to be a big time starting quarterback is going to be very debatable. Can he be decent to solid, I think he can.”