Memo to GM – This isn’t the NBADL Dan Leberfeld

The Jets are 5-6, and still in the Wild Card hunt.

They should so whatever they need to do to grab one of those spots, including some line-up changes.

This is a year-to-year league. You need to go for the gusto every season.

John Idzik has five of his draft choices starting.

And that is hurting the Jets.

One of his draft picks gave up a long touchdown pass today.

There were other issues with some of the rookie starters as well.

And I don’t blame the rookies. Not at all. I think they all have terrific potential. I blame their struggles on the decision-makers who forced some of them into action too quickly.

Idzik shouldn’t treat his team like it’s in the NBA developmental league.

This should be all about winning- every week, every season.