Miller could give Jets a back with world class speed Dan Leberfeld

With so much talk about Alabama’s Trent Richardson (and rightfully so), some of the other backs in the draft are getting obscured.

One guy to keep a close eye on is Lamar Miller, a speedy back with good size out of Miami.

Miller is 5-11, 214 and runs 4.39.

“He’s a great runner,” said ESPN’s Mel Kiper. “He’s explosive, he’s dynamic. As a runner he’s exceptional. I really liked him at Miami. He can hit that hole. You watch him play, you don’t think he’s as big as he is, but he’s not a little scat back, but he plays like it because, like I say, he’s such a home run hitter. He’s a game breaker.”

But it’s unlikely he will go in the first round because there is more to being an NFL tailback than just running the football.

“At the NFL level you’ve got to be able to be an accomplished receiver, you’ve got to block and you’ve got to be durable, and I think that’s where Lamar Miller has got some questions to answer in that regard,” said Kiper. “The versatility is not there.”

But that stuff can be taught. His size-speed ration cannot.