Mike and Todd, don’t pander to the click-bait crowd Dan Leberfeld

Morris County – Ignore the white noise.

Todd Bowles and Mike Maccagnan should not govern by public opinion polls.

Have a plan and stick to it. You were both hired for a reason, and one of those reasons wasn’t to pander to media pundits who have no accountability. Some of these people are all over the map with their opinions. Check their time-lines.

If I was hired to run a football operation, I’d never make moves to placate the media and peanut gallery. I’m not making a trade for Percy Harvin because the media doesn’t think the weapons are good enough, or trading for Brett Favre to create a buzz.

Have a plan, stick to it, and if it doesn’t work, you will eventually get fired, but you gave it your best shot, your way, and had the courage of your convictions.

Don’t pander.

Pandering and governing by public opinion polls isn’t a formula for NFL success.

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