Mike Glennon taller than expected #nyj Dan Leberfeld

North Carolina State quarterback Mike Glennon measured 6-6 ¾ at the Senior Bowl.

The funny thing is he was listed at 6-5 not so long ago.

Did he grow?

Maybe. Some people still grow in college.

Or maybe, they were downplaying his height because it could be viewed as a negative.

Think about it, how many quarterbacks around 6-7 are there in the NFL? Denver backup Brock Osweiler is the only one I can think of.

Sometimes quarterbacks who are too tall are too big of a target in the pocket, and often lack the ideal mobility needed for the position.

If he tests out well, Glennon might make an interesting second round consideration for the Jets. He has a cannon for an arm, and can make all the throws with ease.