Mike Maccagnan answers questions from those pushing Petty to start Dan Leberfeld

Q)Would like to see Bryce Petty start the remaining games to better evaluate him?

Mike Maccagnan: First of all, all the decisions on who starts are all Todd’s. I’ve always felt the head coach, and I’ve been very clear on this, is that his decision to make. He does take input from, obviously, the staff, the coaching staff, myself. Going forward, that’s really Todd’s decision. But I would say from my standpoint, you’d like to see young players play, but you also want to make sure they’re ready for that. To me, it’s a more complicated decision I think than some people realize. So me, personally, I’d like to see whatever is in the best interests of the organization, both in the short-term and long-term.

Q)Why is it a more complicated decision?

Maccagnan: You think of different aspects of when you decide on making a change, especially at that position, because it effects other players on the team, too. If you’re trying to determine what gives you the best chance to be successful, but also if you’re looking how players develop and progress, I think the point I would simply make is you just don’t do it, you don’t just wing it. It’s a little more complicated than that. I think most teams would probably say the same thing. It’s not a decision you take lightly, but you also want to make sure the player, whoever you make that decision with is ready to a degree to set them up for success.

Q)Are you involved in the discussions on who should start at quarterback?

Maccagnan: I don’t know Todd’s exact quote, but I know Todd and I talk about players all the time. It’s not as if he doesn’t seek my input or my opinion. Just to make sure I’m very clear, we communicate all the time about players. What I personally do, at the end, is I defer to him, because I do think it’s the head coach’s role and right to pick who he wants to start on game day.

Q)Will you have a say on who will start at quarterback moving forward?

Maccagnan: Just to make sure I’m clear, Todd has the final say on who to play and who to start, but he does consult with me about my input.

Q)Does Coach Bowles consult you during the process?

Maccagnan: Yes. It’s not an after-the-fact.

Q)Will Coach Bowles consult you after he makes his decisions?

Maccagnan: Again, I would have to clarify that with Todd. I think you may want to clarify that with Todd.

Q)Why doesn’t the team name Petty as the starter and Hackenberg as the backup for the remainder of the season?

Maccagnan: First the decision is Todd’s, and I think it’s one of the those you have to weigh a lot of different things into making that decision. I don’t necessarily think it’s like, hey, let’s just play the young guys and see what happens. It’s a decision we don’t take lightly, I know that. But again, if Todd feels that’s the right approach to take and gives us the best chance to be successful, then I’m sure he’ll do that.