Mike Mayock on Nolan Nawrocki Dan Leberfeld

NFL Network’s Mike Mayock knows Pro Football Weekly’s Nolan Nawrocki personally, and they share information with each other.

Nawrocki is under attack from the PC Police because of his critical scouting report on West Virginia QB Geno Smith.

“I know Nolan Nawrocki very, very well,” Mayock said on ESPN Radio.”The guy has an unbelievable group of sources throughout the NFL. He works it tirelessly. I’ve been on the phone with the guy at midnight, 2 a.m. talking draft. The guy is crazy as far as his passion and love for the game.

“When he puts that out there, there’s no agenda. He’s not trying to bash Cam Newton or Geno Smith. This is the feedback he’s getting from scouts and what he believes based on his tape study. Does that mean it’s right or wrong? No. We have to minimize that a little bit because scouts can say a lot of things to get their opinions out there for their own vested reasons.”