Milliner’s struggles aren’t his fault Dan Leberfeld

Dee Milliner’s struggles aren’t his fault.

They are the fault of the decision-makers.

He shouldn’t be starting.

I’m not sure who is forcing him in the lineup before he’s ready, so I don’t who to point the finger at.

He shouldn’t have started in the beginning of the season.

And shouldn’t have started when he came back from in-season hamstring injury.

He missed all the spring practices after labrum surgery. These were valuable reps that he wasn’t able to get.

Then in the summer, first he missed time due a contract dispute, and then he missed time due to an achilles injury.

When you consider how much time he missed, how many reps, how much on-field teaching, he shouldn’t be starting.

I don’t care where he was picked, he should be a role player until he’s truly ready to start.

So I blame the decision-makers, a lot more than him, for his struggles as a starter.