More from Brandt on Brick’s contract Dan Leberfeld

Contract guru Andrew Brandt of NFP broke down D’Brickashaw’s contract on his website. Here is Part II –

“These years have the following base salaries, which become entirely guaranteed for skill if Ferguson is on the roster on February 15, 2011 – 2011: $5.615 million, 2012: $9.985 million, 2013: $7.25 million,” wrote Brandt, a former Packer executive. “There are also workout bonuses of $750,000 each year in the event Ferguson participates in at least 40 of the 48 offseason workouts in the Jets’ program.

“The amount for these three years plus the option is thus $29 million which, assuming Ferguson satisfies his workout requirements, is fully guaranteed as long as he on the team in February. Combined with 2010 money, Ferguson’s guarantee number is $34.3 million.”