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 Q)All those short passes to the running backs, was that to take advantage of what KC was doing on defense?

Sanchez: Our game plan was great. Another great game plan by coach (Brian) Schottenheimer and Cav (Matt Cavanaugh) and coach (Bill) Callahan and we executed pretty well. But there are some mistakes to clean up and we’ll get them fixed.

Q)Did you notice getting cheered during the opening introductions? 

Sanchez: We’re just trying to win a game, trying to play hard, play for these guys, the coaches and this was another great game plan like I said. Like I said before, that’s the last thing on my mind. We’re just trying to win games.

Q)Why are you and this team so good under pressure?

Sanchez: Pressure either brings out the best or worst in players. I think that’s a tribute to our front office and our general manager and Rex drafting guys and acquiring guys on this team that know how to finish, that know how to be competitive when it really counts. That kind of stuff is important, especially when you’re in a Wild Card race like this.