Mr. Discount Double-Check on the Jets’ defense Dan Leberfeld

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers broke down the Jets’ defense today during a conference call with the New York media. Here are some of his thoughts . . .

“I think [the secondary] is a good group. We’ll see what Dee’s (Milliner) status coming out. I’m sure he is going to be ready to play. He is a talented guy. Antonio’s (Allen) played some safety in the past but he is a long-legged guy who has a good, short quickness and athleticism. And Kyle (Wilson) has been around for a while. He knows how to play the nickel spot.

“You have some veteran leadership with Dawan (Landry) in the secondary and then Calvin (Pryor) is a hitter, a big-time player, first-round pick. I think overall it is a good group that is just going to keep on getting better.

“They get a lot from their pass rush and front seven and the different types of schemes they come up with. And it seems like the back end is tied to the pressure package they run. They understand timing of the route concepts and when the ball is going to come out.

“I think they are very creative. Anytime you have a creative schemer like Rex, you can come up with some stuff that you just don’t see all of the time. The different personnel packages they put out there and types of looks, fronts and pressures behind it.

“They have a lot of variance in their pressures and in their coverages behind it. There is not a lot of things you can really key on. It’s about trying to trust your protections and try to figure out who is coming each play. Rex is, I think, well respected around the league as a very creative mind and a guy that really knows how to coach defense.”