Much bigger problems in life than this Dan Leberfeld

Calvin Pace complained about Cortland to Seth Walder of the Daily News.

“This is a drag, man. It really is a drag,” Pace told the Daily News. “To have to come up here in this town, there’s no reason we’d ever come here. That’s no offense against this town. It’s one of them things.

“If it was my way, yeah. We’d stay home we’d be able to go sleep in your own bed. But I don’t know, for whatever reason teams think training camp is a must.

“It’s tough man, it is. I’m 32 years old staying in a dorm room, you know?”

First of all, he’s fortunate to still have an NFL job after being a cap casualty this off-season.

Secondly, this decision isn’t up to him.

Thirdly, there are much bigger problems in life than a 32-year-old man having to sleep in a dorm room for a few weeks, like the 48 million Americans currently on food stamps.