Did the Jets make the right move? Dan Leberfeld

Florham Park – Jets coach Todd Bowles announced on Monday that Ryan Fitzpatrick will start at quarterback for his team against New England. He chose Fitzpatrick over second-year QB Bryce Petty.

The coach refused to name a starter last week during the team’s bye-week.

It seems the only factor holding up the decision was the health of Fitzpatrick’s knee.

The quarterback suffered an MCL sprain in the Jets’ recent loss to Miami that kept him out of their last game, against Los Angeles.

Now Fitzpatrick’s knee is feeling a lot better, so he will once again be the team’s starter.

Many fans called for the team to use the rest of the season to play Petty to “see what he can do.”

Bowles doesn’t look at it that way. He wants to win, and feels Fitzpatrick gives him a better chance to to do that. While Petty has made progress, he’s still somewhat raw, and didn’t seem to trust his eyes against Los Angeles.

Often coaches/players have a different world-view than fans. Coaches/players always want to win games. That is how they are wired.

Many fans want to see young players play when a team has a bad record.

I’m from the Herman Edwards’ school – “You play to win the game.” Always have been. Always will be.

Fitzpatrick gives them a better chance against the strategic complexities that New England brings to the table.

So I think the Jets made the right move.

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