Myers pulls a fast one on Sanchez Dan Leberfeld

New York Daily News columnist Gary Myers peppered Mark Sanchez with questions about the Jets’ struggling offense, and got him to use two words he needed for his story – “panic button.”

“The Jets are running out of time,” Myers wrote. “The starters will likely play three quarters next Sunday night against Carolina and then not at all in the final preseason game against the Eagles. ‘Rex said it after the game — it’s the second preseason game,’ Sanchez said. ‘It’s not time to hit the panic button. We have to improve. I know we can do it.'”

“Just mentioning the existence of a panic button they claim they are not hitting means the Jets are close to hitting the panic button. Sanchez faced so much pressure from Justin Tuck, Osi Umenyiora and Jason Pierre-Paul that it’s hard to put too much blame on him for what happened to the offense.”

So let’s get this straight – Sanchez said they aren’t hitting the “panic button,” but because he used those two words, that means they are close to hitting the “panic button.”

Got that?