Namath poses an interesting question Dan Leberfeld

Jets legend Joe Namath wonders if Rex Ryan’s braggadocio-style has made his team overconfident.

Ryan fired back.

“The great thing is I’m confident with our football team,” Ryan said. “There’s no question about it. I’ve told you this many times, I’ve never gone into a game I didn’t think I’d win. (I) haven’t won them all, but I certainly think we can and will. I’m not going to change who I am because Joe Namath said something. Namath can come in here, and if he can still throw, we’ll have him as a backup quarterback, but you know what? He doesn’t know our team. He’s on the outside. Even though he’s a Jet, and once you’re a Jet, you’re always a Jet, but he’s on the outside. He’s not in these meetings. I think if he was, he’d be shocked with the preparation.”

Clearly the Jets run defense wasn’t prepared for the Oakland game, for whatever reason.