NFL Resolution G-2 Dan Leberfeld

Phoenix – Sometimes players attempt to stay in games with head injuries. It’s how a lot of them are wired. They don’t want to let their teammates down.

The NFL has come up with “Resolution G-2” to help police this problem.

“Resolution G-2 which was given to the clubs today deals with a medical stoppage by the ATC spotter – that’s the spotter that’s upstairs in the press box,” said Rich McKay of the NFL Competition Committee. “That will, if passed, will then have the authority to stop the game if they see a player that displays obvious signs of disorientation or is clearly unstable.

“So in other words, Dean (Blandino) instructs all the officials on the field to make sure we look for players that might be in distress and have them leave the game. But in case we miss a player, this ATC spotter will have the ability to stop the game, to radio to the side judge, I think it is, and have the side judge stop the game, have the player removed for a play, so the player will be looked at.”