NFL’s own website continues to trash Jets Dan Leberfeld

Jeff Darlington, of, which is owned by the league, ripped the Jets for their handling of the Tim Tebow press conference.

“It’s one thing to manage a monster,” wrote Darlington on the league’s website. “It’s another to feed it. And if the Jets continue to cultivate an environment that fuels even more life into their newly acquired phenomenon — which is exactly what they did Monday — they might as well go ahead and name Tebow as the team’s starter right now . . .

“On the day New York agreed in principle to this trade, I suggested the pressure on Sanchez was no reason to admonish this move. Sanchez is not a rookie, and if he can’t handle Tebow’s shadow, he’s not good enough.

“Well, at the time, I didn’t realize the Jets would march out their newly acquired quarterback for an introductory news conference in a forum generally reserved for starters.”