Nolan Nawrocki documents Michael Floyd’s 2011 legal issues Dan Leberfeld

There are rumors that the Jets are interested in Notre Dame WR Michael Floyd.

If this is true, Jets security guru Steve Yarnell has some work to do. Yarnell looks into the background of players.

Here is the description of Floyd’s 2011 arrest –

“Was arrested in March ’11 for a DUI in South Bend,” wrote Nawrocki in PFW’s 2012 draft guide. “He pleaded guilty to misdemeanor drunk driving charges and was sentenced to a year probation in June, 2011. His one-year jail sentence was suspended as part of a plea agreement. He was not allowed to drive for 90 days and had an ignition device installed in his vehicle for six months, that wouldn’t allow it to start, if his blood-alcohol level was too high. Also was fined $200 and ordered to attend a victim impact panel to hear form people whose family members were killed in drunk driving accidents. He lived in the freshman dormitory as a senior as part of the conditions to return to the team.”