Not a source, but sources Dan Leberfeld

The Jets are seriously considering cutting off their nose to spite their face, I mean de-activating Braylon Edwards for their game on Sunday in Miami. The announcement was made by Mark Cannizzaro

The arrest of Edwards for DWI at 5:15 a.m. on the West Side of Manhattan has so infuriated Rex Ryan, according to sources inside the Jets training facility, the team is strongly considering deactivating the trouble-prone receiver for the game,” wrote Cannizzaro on the Post’s website. “Sources told The Post the Jets, who are highly image-conscious and intent on making a strong and swift statement, were speaking to NFL officials today to explore disciplinary options the team could take, including potentially deactivating Edwards for Sunday‚Äôs game.”

The impressive part of this story is that that writer had more than one source inside the building to back up his story. That is hard to do.