“Not a thought” – very smart move by Rex Ryan Dan Leberfeld

Nashville – Geno Smith has turned the ball over 11 times in the first four games, but there is no thought of benching him, according to Jets coach Rex Ryan.

“It’s not a thought at this point right now,” Ryan said. “Not a thought.”

Not a thought? That seems just a little strong considering all the turnovers and inaccuracy, but Ryan is doing a very smart thing.

Ryan’s fierce loyalty and dedication to Smith is a good career move.

His boss, John Idzik, is intensely loyal to Smith – he drafted him, so it’s smart for Ryan to keep him in the line-up as long as possible.

Very smart.

Developing Smith seems to be priority #1 right now in Florham Park – it trumps everything else.

And that is their prerogative.