O.J. Howard looking forward to showing his skills at Senior Bowl Dan Leberfeld

Alabama tight end O.J. Howard, one of the draft’s top prospects, will participate in the Senior Bowl this week in Mobile. Here are some excerpts from his press conference last night . . .

REPORTER: O.J., what was the decision-making process for you deciding to play in the game and what are the main things you want to show to teams this week?

HOWARD: I thought it was great opportunity to get out here to showcase my skills. It’s going to be a lot of competition here. You know there are some question marks. I want to come out and be a great blocker and run good routes. There’s no better game to come to to do those things.

REPORTER: Your thoughts on playing in front of a lot of Alabama fans this week with the Alabama helmet on one last time . . .

HOWARD: Man, I think it’s going to be outstanding. The Alabama fans love this game. I came last year to visit and support some my teammates. I saw the way they got into it whenever an Alabama player made a play. It’s going to be exciting, and I’m so happy to be able to play, to put on the helmet on one more time for the Alabama fans. It’s going to be outstanding, and my family is coming down of course. It’s going to be a great feeling, and I’m going to miss it. I’m ready to play.

REPORTER: How much are you looking forward to the off-field stuff here – working with kids in the area?

HOWARD: Oh, it’s huge, and I think (Friday) we go to the elementary school and the hospitals. Whenever you get to do something like that, give back to the community, it’s always a great feeling. I’m looking forward to that. Hoping the kids love it, we love it. To be able to see the kids and see the kids smile. I’m very excited about that.