Offensive guru Holmes calls out Schotty twice Dan Leberfeld

Santonio Holmes threw Brian Schottenheimer under the bus, not once, but twice this week.

“We’ve got to do a better job of adjusting on the fly as an offense,” Holmes said after the Jets loss to Oakland. “You can’t be forced to continue doing the same things when those guys are doing something different. We have to open up the game plan a little bit and have a little bit more fun.”

And then he did again on Thursday.

“We’ll see come Sunday if the Ravens switch up their gameplan from doing something different to what they feel can work against us,” Holmes said. “And we’ll know come Sunday if the adjustments have been made for us to react to what they’re doing.”

There is a lot of pressure on Schottenheimer. He is constantly under attack from Jets fans, the media and now one of his own players – sometimes for legitimate reasons, sometimes not.

While he’s at fault sometimes, the quarterback also deserves some blame.

Let’s see if Schotty can live up to Santonio Holmes’ expectations this Sunday.