One of the tougher QB decisions Dan Leberfeld

The Jets’ QB decision is  a very difficult one.

You have Mark Sanchez, who has flashed at times this summer in training camp and preseason games, but continues to have issues with consistency.

You have rookie Geno Smith, who has a world-class arm, but is currently dealing with an ankle injury, and must learn to get rid of the ball faster and read defenses better.

And you have another quarterback who is perhaps the team’s best game-manager and decision-maker, but he’s being precluded from the competition.

Again, this is very, very difficult decision.

But in the eyes of one player, it’s not a tough decision at all.

“Mark is doing a tremendous job, and that is all you can ask for,” said Antonio Cromartie.

Here is the Merriam Webster definition of tremendous :notable by reason of extreme size, power, greatness, or excellence <a writer of tremendous talent> —often used as a generalized term of approval <had a tremendous time>.