Jets must avoid the allure of celebrity endorsements! Dan Leberfeld

This time around, the Jets must ignore this kind of stuff at all costs.

They must ignore celebrity endorsers, or at least keep their endorsements in the proper perspective. These kind of endorsements are often are rife with personal agendas.

You have to ask yourself the question – “Do these endorsers have the Jets’ best interest at heart, or are they just looking to help a friend land a job?”

As you all know, Peyton Manning called Christopher Johnson to endorse Adam Gase for the Jets’ job in 2019, and this endorsement seemed to carry some weight with the owner.

“I’m told Jets CEO Christopher Johnson took a phone call on Tuesday night from an especially impressive reference who advocated for Adam Gase: Peyton Manning,” tweeted ESPN’s Jeff Darlington the day before Gase was hired.

Why was it a “especially impressive reference?” Yes Manning is a legendary NFL QB, but he NEVER played under Gase as a head coach, so how would he know what kind of head coach Gase is? They only worked together as offensive coordinator and QB in Denver, and that is totally different than head coach and QB.

So moving forward, Jets decision-makers must take these kind of suggestions with a major grain of salt.

Take the call, listen to what the celebrity endorser has to say, but don’t let these agenda-laden endorsements weigh heavily in the decision-making process.


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