OTA’s – time to get the kinks out Dan Leberfeld

In Thursday’s OTA practice at Jets’ camp, Bart Scott intercepted a Tim Tebow pass.

What happened?

“That was a man coverage where [Scott] was the free player and he did a good job,” Tebow said. “It was one of the first times I ran that play. ”

That is exactly right – it was one of the first times he ran that play.

These spring practices are to get the kinks out. For Tebow’s picks (he had a second one) to be national news, in an OTA practice, is kind of pathetic.

And a big reason why coaches generally don’t want reporters attending these sessions.

But typical Tebow, he did take the blame for the Scott pick, regardless of of the fact it was at an OTA, and also, early in the installation of a new offense.

“It is an option the tight end has breaking across the middle,” Tebow said. “It is just something we have to be more on the same page. Ultimately, it was my fault. Bart made a good play.”