Draft worry about draft record, worry about won-loss record. Dan Leberfeld

Bill Belichick just doesn’t care about this.

And more teams should follow suit.

He doesn’t give a rat’s behind about his draft record.

He just released a 2017 third-round pick after just one year.

Not many teams release third-round picks before their second season? You don’t see this a lot.

Too many GM’s get caught up in “how it looks” cutting picks, especially first or second day selections, early in their young careers.

Belichick doesn’t care.

I’m not saying every Belichick personnel move is correct. He certainly makes his share of mistakes.

But he doesn’t keep guys around, who he thinks can’t help him, just for cosmetic reasons, like other teams do.

Other clubs will waste two, three, four years trying to justify a pick, even when, as Gertrude Stein once said, “there is no there there.”

Belichick doesn’t care what the media/fans think of his draft record. The only record that matters to him is the won-loss record.

On this issue, Belichick is spot-on.

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