The process of getting this fixed Dan Leberfeld

Jets GM Joe Douglas and coach Robert Saleh are working hard on this.

Talking about changing the Jets’ football culture.

“Culture, I know that word does get thrown around a lot,” Saleh said recently.

Douglas and Saleh have worked together on loading up the Jets’ roster with guys wired the right way.

“I believe the culture is basically created by the people that are brought into it,” Saleh said. “Bringing in men of tremendous character, men who want to play football, love football, want to get better every single day, and just have that mindset.”

But while Saleh is happy with the kind of players the Jets added this off-season, and that should help improve the team’s culture, he knows that the true sign of a cultural improvement won’t reveal itself until adversity hits.

“Our identity is not going to reveal itself until we see adversity,” Saleh said. “When things are good everyone loves being part of winning, everyone loves being part of the good things. The whole disease of me, of course things are going to be good but, what’s going to happen when you hit adversity, when things aren’t going your way? How are you going to look, not only as an individual but as a team? Those moments have to reveal themselves.”


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