Perhaps Revis should stay and Cro should go Dan Leberfeld

A few weeks ago, I blogged that trading Antonio Cromartie is a bad idea.

I’m starting to swing the other way.

His comments in New Orleans, that insulted teammates, has me thinking maybe he’s the one who should go, and the Jets should lock up Darrelle Revis long-term.

“A lot of people look at our offense (and) they’re not intimidated by our offense,” Cromartie said to Brian Costello and Manish Mehta at the Super Bowl. “We need some guys on the outside that can be game changers. It’s going to help having Santonio (Holmes) back , but I think we also need a true No. 2 guy also ready to go.”

He is insulting teammates in this quote. Whether you like Jeremy Kerley, Stephen Hill, Clyde Gates, Jordan White and Royce Pollard, the are wide receivers on the Jets – they are Cro’s teammates.

He’s also insulting the Jeff Cumberland’s and the Bilal Powell’s of the world if he thinks the offense lacks intimidating weapons and “game changers.”

If I’m any of them, I’m ticked at him.

Let the new GM do his job; Cro should stay out of it.

Comments like that are bad for a locker room.

And you also need to consider the New York Post outed Cromatie as one of Manish Mehta’s unnamed Jets in the writer’s article critical of Tim Tebow.

Cro is a heck of a player, but if he keeps ripping teammates on-the-record, and anonymously, perhaps he needs to go.

That isn’t part of a winning formula.