Perriman’s knee – what’s up? Dan Leberfeld

Breshad Perriman was expected to be the Jets #1 receiver this year, but will a knee issue prevent that?

Perriman, who signed a one-year deal for $6.5 million with the Jets in March, has been sidelined since August 22 with a knee problem.

What’s going on with the UCF-product, who the Jets expected back by now?

“We’re just trying to make sure that he feels good, I mean, every time he goes out and runs, it’s certain things he feels good with, and then we’ll have just one cut or something where he’s like, ‘Ahh,'” said Jets coach Adam Gase.

The big problem now is swelling.

“We just got to keep the swelling down and we just got to get him feeling right,” Gase said. “And we’re probably being a little precautious anyways.”

You get the sense that the swelling issue is going to rear it’s head at times moving forward.

“He’ll have some days if his knee swells up on him, then we’re trying to figure out why that happened or what do we got to do different,” Gase said. “When I talk to him, he seems like he feels good some days, and we just got to figure out what that sweet spot is, and once we get in the season the amount of pain tolerance.”

Is Gase worried about his potential #1 receiver?

“No, I mean it did not sound like there was anything we needed to worry about,” Gase said.

Perriman has had knee issues in the past. He missed his rookie season in Baltimore with a torn PCL, and then in 2016, his second NFL season, suffered a partially torn ACL.


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